The Rizamat grape is a table and raisin variety of the early-middle ripening period, bred in Uzbekistan by crossing two other varieties – Kattakurgan and Parkent.The grape bushes are vigorous, the leaves are medium, five-lobed, rounded, slightly dissected, bare below. Clusters are round, branched, have a conical shape. The average weight of one is 600-1000 grams. Also, clusters of this variety are characterized by an abundance of berries, although they have an average density. The berries are very large, their weight ranges from 9-15 grams, size – 45 x 25 mm. They are cylindrical in shape and have a blunt end. Some compare them to a large plum.A distinctive feature of the grapes of this variety is the color of its berries – they are pink, and one side is colored more intensely.

YIELD DESCRIPTIONThe variety Rizamat belongs to the early-medium and its full maturity is reached by the end of summer or the beginning of autumn. As a rule, the growing season, depending on certain conditions, is 140-150 days. The variety bears fruit abundantly, the yield reaches – 20-25 t / haImportant! It is necessary to harvest the crop immediately after its ripening, since it cannot be stored for a long time and begins to change its taste characteristics.

DESCRIPTION OF BASIC CARE RULES Grapes of this variety require constant care, which consists not only in protection from pests and the action of low temperatures, but also in proper planting, feeding, pruning and watering.