High-yielding, semi-dwarf rootstock obtained at the University of Giessen, Germany by crossing Prunus cerasus ‘Schattenmorelle’ x Prunus canescens. This rootstock has good adaptability to various soil and climatic conditions and an average vigor of growth.Main characteristics:

– Srednerosly rootstock for cherries;

– The tree has an open shape, crowns with right angles and developed side branches;

– Roots have good anchorage, do not form shoots;

– They are highly adaptable to various soils and climatic conditions;

– Abundant irrigation is mandatory;

– Resistant to the most common viruses and diseases;

– Differs in high winter hardiness;

– Differs in early fruiting, which begins from the second year after planting;

– Easily forms large and high-quality fruits.

Usage: The rootstock is compatible with a variety of sweet cherries and is easily shaped in a variety of pruning systems.

Recommended distance when planting in the garden (according to soil conditions, taking into account varietal characteristics and training of specialists) in a row from 2.5 – 0.8 m, between rows from 3.5 – 5.0 m. For the formation of a good fruit size and stimulating the growth of shoots, annual pruning of 3-4 year old wood is necessary. Ignoring the rule of annual pruning and a high level of agricultural technology can lead to a decrease in fruit size, a decrease in yield and a deterioration in its quality.