Riesling is a technical grape variety found on the banks of the Rhine River. The crown of a young shoot is covered with a sparse felt omission of a light green color with pink teeth, the leaves are light green with a bronze tint. The one-year mature shoot is light brown, darker at the nodes. Leaf of medium size, rounded, medium and deeply dissected, 3- or 5-lobed, folded-funnel-shaped, coarsely wrinkled. The flower is bisexual. The cluster is small or medium in size, 8-14 long, 6-8 cm wide, often cylindrical, sometimes cylindrical-conical, dense and loose. The stem of the grape bunch is short – up to 3 cm long. The average weight of the bunch is 80-100 g. The berry is of medium size, 11-15 mm in diameter, round, greenish-white with a yellowish tinge and rare, small, dark brown dots. The skin is thin and very strong. The pulp is juicy, the taste is harmonious, pleasant. The average weight of 100 berries is 120-140 g. From bud break to harvest ripeness of grapes in 148-160 days.