MERSADES is a Central Asian grape variety, the origin of which is not known much. In common parlance, the variety received a second name – Mercedes. According to some reports, the correct name of the variety is Tajikistani, although reliable sources to confirm this information could not be found. In the southern regions of Russia, Hadji Murad ripens in the first half of September. Own-rooted and grafted bushes are above average growth force, the type of flower is bisexual. A characteristic feature of the variety is relatively short internodes. Clusters are conical, medium density, very large and elegant, with an average weight of more than a kilogram, and some easily reach a weight of 2-3 kg. Peasing in bunches is not observed.The berries are oval, dark purple, covered with a prune coating, with an average weight of 16-18g, some reach 20g or more. The skin is not rough, easily eaten, the pulp is fleshy, pleasant harmonious taste. Despite the Asian origin of the variety, the fruitfulness of the buds and the yield of the bushes are high. Harvest needs to be rationed. Bushes come into fruition in the second or third year after planting. The vine ripens well, the cuttings take root easily. Disease resistance is low, winter hardiness has not been studied.The Mersades variety would be one of the best and most common large-berry grape varieties, if not for the tendency to severe cracking of berries after rains. It is suitable only for calcareous soils, well supplied with calcium, where, without a doubt, it will become a leader among dark berry varieties.