About Us

De Nova Agro Ltd. was founded in 2006 in Tashkent, The Republic of Uzbekistan, and has been active in plant micro propagation/tissue culture market for 16 years with its world-class quality products and services. The company offers:

  • Disease and virus free uniform plants, obtained by in vitro micro-propagation;
  • Consulting and other services in plant science and plant biotechnology.

Products of the company include disease free plantlets of more than 10 plant species, including Paulownia Tree, Magnolia Tree, 40 Grape varieties, Cherry Rootstocks, Plum Rootstocks, Pear Rootstocks, Peach Rootstocks, Raspberry, Seedless Pomegranate and others.

De Nova Agro can also micro-propagate disease free material from any crop plants on a contract basis.

We have an extensive experience in building plant biotech laboratories, greenhouses, climate chambers, and other plant science and growth units.

Our History

De Nova Agro Ltd. was founded in Tashkent, The Republic of Uzbekistan in 2006 by Professor Alisher Touraev, who is a distinguished specialist in wide areas of plant science, including plant biotechnology, plant breeding, plant cell culture, drip irrigation systems, fertilizers and etc. He contributed significantly to the area of plant breeding by acceleration of the breeding process using doubled haploid technology. He is an author of more than 60 peer reviewed scientific papers, books and holder of several patents.
He is also co-founder of several startup companies in Austria and Russia, head of “Agrobiotechnology” laboratory in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
In 2013, the company built the biggest world-class plant cell culture and plant biotechnology laboratory in Central Asia, which has the capacity of producing more than 1 000 000 disease and virus free plants in vitro per year, and can increase output up to 3 mln plants.

Our Team

Alisher Touraev (Prof., Dr.)
+99890 906-22-13