LAKEMONT is one of the best in terms of taste. It is consumed not only fresh, but also used to make jellies and wines. The early ripe variety ripens on the

105-115th day, when the first leaves begin to appear. On new shoots, ovaries quickly form.

Lakemont is a seedless variety. Ripening time is early. Clusters have an average size of about 900 grams. But they can reach one and a half kilograms. The berries are small, have a rounded shape. By weight about two grams, the pulp is dense, juicy, with a pleasant taste and varietal aroma. The berries are light green. Due to the high density of clusters, there is a possibility of cracking, as well as damage to gray rot. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to thin out after the flowering period.


1. Early ripeness in favorable weather. The first harvests can already ripen in early    August.

2. High resistance to cold. The plant can withstand up to -20 without shelter.

3. Does not contain seeds in berries.

4. During transportation, the berries do not crumble and do not crumple.