Pinot Gris is a technical grape variety. The crown of the young shoot is white with pink spots. The pubescence is dense, felt. The first leaves are light green, with cobwebby pubescence. The one-year-old mature shoot is brown. The nodes are almost non-existent. Leaf of medium size, rounded, 3- or 5-lobed. The flower is bisexual. The cluster is small and medium in size, 8-11 cm long, 6-7 cm wide, cylindrical and cylindrical-conical, very dense. The stalk of the bunch is short. The average weight of a bunch is 87 g. The berry is small and medium in size (7-15 mm in diameter), round, often deformed. The coloration is pinkish grey. The average weight of 100 berries is 100-130 g. The skin is thin, the pulp is juicy, with a pleasant taste. The juice is colorless. For table wines and champagne wine materials, it takes 130 days from bud break to the onset of the removable ripeness of grapes, and about 150 days for dessert wines at a sum of active temperatures of 2600-2800 ° C. Berries ripen in the first half of September. Annual shoots ripen well (90%). The strength of the growth of bushes is average.The yield is average. The frost resistance of the variety is relatively high. It tolerates temperatures as low as -20°C. Grape bushes affected by frost quickly restore their crops. In order to increase the sugar content, Pinot Gris should be planted on the slopes of a warm location.