Cabernet Sauvignon is an industrial grape variety. French variety, It belongs to the eco-geographical group of Western European grape varieties. The crown of a young shoot is pale green or almost white from dense pubescence with wine-red edging of teeth. The leaves are strongly dissected, light green, with a well-defined reddish tint and a strong pinkish-white cobweb pubescence. The flower is bisexual. A cluster of medium size, 12-15 cm long, 7-8 cm wide. The average weight of a bunch is 73 g. The stem of the bunch is long – up to 7 cm. The berry is medium-sized (13-15 mm in diameter), round, dark blue, with an abundant wax coatin The skin is thick and rough. The pulp is juicy, with colorless juice. The taste is harmonious with a taste reminiscent of nightshade. The average weight of 100 berries is 80-120 g. Seeds in a berry 1-3.From the beginning of bud break to the technical maturity of grapes intended for the preparation of table wines, 143 days pass, and for dessert – 165 days. Grapes are harvested late – in late September – early October.