Gruner Veltliner Austrian (according to other sources, the region of origin of the variety is Italy) is a wine grape variety. Medium or medium-late maturity. The leaf is five-lobed, strongly dissected, with a slight cobwebby omission on the underside. The crown of the young shoot is covered with white felt omission. With vertical growth of shoots. Ripened one-year striped shoot, internodes are short. The clusters are medium, with a shoulder. The berries are medium green-yellow with brown spots, the skin is thick. Productive, in order to obtain grapes intended for the production of quality wines, the load of bushes must be normalized. Resistance to frost and fungal diseases at the level of other Eurasian grape varieties. Depending on the terroir, the variety produces a variety of wines in quality and style, which are united by a characteristic fruity-spicy note reminiscent of freshly ground pepper. Wines from Grüner Veltliner have good aging potential, but drink well at a young age. Austria’s most important variety (35%, 22,000 ha), grown in the Czech Republic (1,800 ha), Hungary, UK, USA.