Merlot is a French industrial grape variety. The leaves are green with a slight bronze tint. The one-year mature shoot is yellowish-brown, with darker nodes. Merlot leaf of medium size, rounded, medium dissected, five-lobed, funnel-shaped. Upper cutouts of medium depth, mostly closed, with an elliptical opening. . The flower is bisexual. A bunch of grapes of medium size, 12-17 cm long, 7-12 cm wide, cylindrical-conical, sometimes winged, medium dense. The mass of the bunch is 113-150 g. The stem of the bunch is of medium length. The pulp is juicy, with colorless juice. The skin is strong. The taste is harmonious, with a nightshade flavor.The average weight of 100 berries is 100-140 g. Grape ripening: mid-ripening, 2 and a half weeks after Chasselas. From the beginning of bud break to the technical maturity of the grape harvest, intended for the preparation of table wines, 152, dessert – 164 days pass. The sum of active temperatures during this period reaches 3000-3300 °C. Grapes are harvested in late September – early October.