Muscat blue grapes are a universal variety of early ripening. The growing season is up to 120 days. Product of Swiss breeders. The bush of this variety is vigorous. Usually one vine produces 2-4 bunches. Clusters are large, loose, grow weighing 250-400 grams. The berries are rounded, painted black, large, as for a technical variety, individual grapes weigh about 5 grams. They have a wonderful musky aroma. The flesh is juicy, crispy, sweet, even in rainy seasons it easily gains 21.0 Brix. The yield of this variety is average. After ripening Muscat blue grapes can be on the bush until October and, according to many winegrowers, it becomes even tastier, with a richer taste. The plant keeps dropping down to -28°C. Muscat blue is one of the most resistant grape varieties to mildew, odium and other diseases. Stability at the level of 2 points on a 5-point scale. Ripe berries “carry” the smell far from the bush, because the taste and smell of Muscat blue has already made it one of the most favorite varieties for eating. They also make wine from it. It turns out very tasty with a pronounced nutmeg both at home and at a professional level.