Vanessa-seedless grape variety, early-medium ripening. The growth force of bushes is greater on fertile soils and weaker on poor soils. Clusters are medium, loose. The berries are medium, oval, red. The pulp is dense and have a rich taste, with a fruity aroma. The skin is thin, does not separate from the pulp. In the berries there are quite large, soft rudiments. Grafting the variety onto some rootstocks sometimes results in lower yields and reduced berry size. Gibberellin treatments during the flowering period are phytotoxic to this grape variety and may lead to lower yields in the current and subsequent seasons. But treatments in small doses (25 mg/l) during the period of berry growth (5-7 mm in diameter) contribute to an increase in their mass and size. Due to poor callus formation, banding is not recommended. Vanessa is resistant to fungal diseases, frost resistance in the areas of northern viticulture in the USA and Canada is -27-29 ° С.