Origin: Ukraine. It is received by crossing in breeding process of a black Moldavian hybrid and a sort of Hamburg nutmeg.

Variety: Table grape
Maturation: The maturation period is quite long, up to 145 days, which makes this variety one of the most popular late ripening species.

Yield: This variety has a high and stable yield. The yield of bunches is about 70%, berry peas are weak. Fruit-bearing shoots are 67%, the average number of bunches on the developed shoot is 0.8, on the fruit-bearing shoot is 1.2. Pretty high and qualitative yield – from one hectare of grapes of the given sort it is possible to gather not less than 120 centners of healthy fruits (for comparison – grapes Moldova brings 150-200 centners from 1 hectare at correct care);

Characteristics of the fruit:  The average size of the bud is from 500.0 g to 950.0 – 1000.0, it has a loose texture, in the form of an elongated cone. The weight of the brush depends on the peculiarities of the region of cultivation and climate during the season.

Particular attention is drawn to berries of a very unusual shape, weighing from 5 to 8 g. They are more like an ellipse or an egg, they are distinguished by a peculiar intercept and a rich black and blue color. Souvenir is also characterized by a dense but delicate berry skin, which is covered with natural waxy plaque.

Resistance: The variety is slightly more resistant to gray rotten berries, less affected than other European varieties of mildew, bunchy liver, unstable to oidium. The frost resistance of this variety is low.

Climate: due to the long period of development Souvenir is very suitable for regions where the climate is mild, warm and quite humid. The plant is designed for plenty of sunlight, warmth and small frosts in winter. However, the vine of medium-growth type Souvenir is not adapted to carry high humidity in rainy summer seasons. However, the vine of medium-grown type Souvenir is not adapted to bear high humidity in rainy summer seasons.

Diseases and pests: Birds and wasps are very dangerous. You can prevent them and protect this variety by installing nets or bags. It is more difficult to fight with oidium, as it is difficult to see it. When detected, it is necessary to separate the infected bunches and branches from healthy vines. The virus has an excellent hold on the leaves and is resistant to winter. Therefore, when there are minimal signs of oidium, it is important to spray the bushes with chemicals. You should do this in the morning or in the evening. Because in case of high heat the result will be different.

Care features: The hybrid belongs to the thermophilic varieties, it requires quite a lot of sunlight, the Souvenir is exclusively adapted to cultivation in the original wine-making regions – in the South of Russia and Ukraine. At care which corresponds to the rules of agronomy, on a bush leave at most 75-80% of shoots, capable to fruit-bearing. The optimal solution would be 5-7 eyes on each shoot, when forming a bush a fanless method is used, the stamp should not exceed 60-70 cm in length.
The berries are well preserved in their commodity state, they do not lose their appearance and taste properties during transportation. The yield is high – up to 110 kg. per hectare.
Serious problems for the preservation of the harvest create wasps and birds, eating sweet ripe fruit of the vine. Positive factor for its cultivation is resistance to traditional pathologies of grapes.