Chardonnay is an industrial grape variety. The crown of the young shoot of the variety is light green with pinkish spots. The first young leaves are light green with a grayish tinge, subsequent light green with a golden hue, gradually turning into green with a bronze tint. The Chardonnay flower is bisexual. A bunch of medium size (length 11-13, width 8-10 cm), cylindrical-conical, dense, medium density and loose as a result of strong shedding of ovaries. The stem of the bunch is short, lignified. The mass of the bunch is 90-95 g. The berry is of medium size (12-16 mm in diameter), round and slightly oval, greenish-white with a golden hue on the sunny side, covered with a wax coating and small brown dots. The average weight of 100 berries is 130 g. The skin is thin, strong. The pulp is juicy, with a pleasant varietal aroma. It takes 138-140 days from bud break to the onset of technical maturity of grape berries. Ripening of berries occurs at the end of September.