Romulus is a seedless grape variety of early-medium maturity (115-125 days). Bushes of medium vigor. Clusters are medium and large, 200-400 g, conical, moderately loose. The berries are medium, 15×17 mm (1.2-1.8 g), round, green-golden in color, seedless (grade 4 – there are rudiments). The pulp is fleshy-juicy, harmonious taste, with pineapple-strawberry flavor. Shoots ripen well. Fruitful shoots – 65-85%, the number of clusters per shoot – 1.3-1.6. Load – 30-40 eyes per bush, pruning fruiting vines for 6-8 eyes. Romulus reacts negatively to overloading the bushes with a crop and to a lack of moisture in the soil – the berries fall off during the ripening period. Productive, 8-12 kg per bush.
Preferred in grafted culture on vigorous rootstocks. The grape variety Romulus is resistant to frost -25-27°C.