Origin: Uzbekistan

Variety: table-raisin

Maturation time: Early-average ripening time. Vegetation period 135-140 days at a total temperature of 2800-3000 oC). In the Russian climate, ripening time is rather average – the second decade of September.

Yield: Shoots ripen well. Yields are 200-300 c/ha.

Characteristics of the fruit: Bushes grow high, up to 5 m. Shoots are formed powerful, do not need pinching. Leaf plate of round shape, with 5 blades at the edges. Leaf size is average. The color is dark green. On the surface there are roughened areas and small thin strips. Pit for petioles open type.

  1. Oval berries of medium size: weight 10-20 g, depending on conditions of cultivation;
  2. The peel of fruits with a delicate purple shade, a little transparent;
  3. Bunch weight 1 kg;
  4. Average rind density;
    Soil characteristics: Rizamat Grapes prefers to grow and develop in loose, fertile soils with low acid content and moderate humidity.

The site is prepared 5-6 weeks before the planned planting of seedlings.

  1. The soil is dug to a depth of 80 cm.
  2. The site is cleaned of garbage, weed grass, loosened.
  3. The soil is brought organic and balanced mineral complex.
  4. On the prepared site dig out planting holes.
  5. The depth and width of the holes is at least 70-80 cm.
  6. The distance between plantings are kept from 3 to 4 m, between rows up to 5 m.
  7. At the bottom of the hole lay a drainage layer of bat stone, fertile soil, hammer a spike.
    After preparatory work, the holes are abundantly watered.

Resistance: Hybrid diseases are weak, timely treatment with fungicides is required. Frost resistance to -18 ° C, it is desirable to cover in the cold season.

Sheet of rounded shape, five-blade, weakly-passed, medium size. Color of leaves bright green. Petiole fossa open.

Among all the varieties from which I make seedlings – Rizamat leader in rooting cuttings. Seedlings are very powerful, there is an impression that such grapes have nothing to worry about stability.

The grouses can be large from 500 grams to very large over 3 kg. The shape is branched, medium density.

The berries are very large 8-15 grams, some can reach more than 20 grams, especially after gibberellin. The form of berries reminds a barrel and can be from oval to elongated form, and on the same grape bush.

The taste is harmonious and refreshing. Sugariness is up to 25% brix at acidity of 5 g/l.