PhD of biological sciences, professor Alisher Turaev
1978  finished secondary school with a gold medal;
1983  graduated from the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov with a diploma with honours;
1998  defended doctorate of Biological Sciences (Tashkent and Vienna).
Worked as a professor at the University of Vienna (15 years), Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, Moscow Physics and Technical University (MFTI) and Tashkent Technological University;
A guest professor at the University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria);
Author of more than 120 scientific publications, mainly international publications (2 books, 60 articles and 40 theses) and 5 international patents;
Co-founder of MicroCrop Ltd (Vienna) and HaploSystems Ltd (Vienna);
Founder and Director of De Nova Agro (Tashkent) Enterprise;
Founder and President of the Association of Vienna International Science Conferences and Events Association (Vienna, Austria)

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