The success of Punica granatum Mollar de Elche is due to its precocity, its very large fruit (400 gr), its intense sweetness and its rare small tender and edible seeds. It is self-fertile, but its yield increases with cross-pollination with another pomegranate. The exterior colors of the fruit are a whim of nature, oscillating between creamy yellow and intense red, depending on its location.

The single dark orange flower of Punica granatum Mollar de Elche appears from June to July, and from September to October you will harvest its juicy fruits.

This vigorous and fast growing pomegranate tree is not demanding as to the type of soil, but it will appreciate stony, deep and well-drained soil. It is resistant to cold, down to -15 ° C. Moderately watered, the Pomegranate Mollar de Elche will reach 3 m in height and spread over 2 m in width.