De Nova Agro is the only private company in Central Asia that commercially reproduces unique nut and almond varieties.

The company offers seedlings and seedlings of Chandler walnut and Nonparel almond varieties, which are popular all over the world and whose products are considered the benchmark and take the leading positions in the world market. All seedlings and seedlings of walnut and almond are received. by microclonal reproduction, disease-free and identical (i.e. clones).

Walnuts and almonds obtained by in vitro have several advantages:

They are absolutely free from diseases and viruses;
They are the same because they were cloned;
These plants develop more rapidly.
Orders for large volumes should be made one year in advance. The price of Chandler walnut sprouts and Nonparel almonds is negotiable. For more details, please contact our office. The De Nova Agro team will be happy to answer your questions!