De Nova Agro offers seedlings and seedlings of various types of cherry rootstocks! All rootstock seedlings are obtained by clonal micropropagation and are free from diseases, viruses and are identical to each other (i.e. clones).

Cherry rootstocks obtained by the in vitro method have a number of advantages: They are absolutely free from diseases and viruses; They are the same since they were cloned; Such plants develop faster. The company has almost all modern cherry rootstocks in stock (Colt, GIZELA 5, GIZELA 6, Krymskaya 5, Maxma 14, etc.) and accepts orders for any number of seedlings.

Large volume orders should be made a year in advance. The price for Cherry rootstocks is negotiable. Please contact our office for details. The De Nova Agro team will be happy to answer your questions! For a description of the characteristics of various cherry rootstocks, please follow the link.