Botanical description

  • Shan Tong is a new species, obtained by artificially crossing Paulownia Tomentosa and Paulownia Fortunei
  • Strong resistance to drought and cold (to -27°С) and diseases
  • Rapid growth, strong ability to restore
  • Large conservation of the land area due to the narrow crown
  • Flowers with an easy flavour, light-lavender color
  • Blooms in spring for 6-8 weeks.
  • Wood is suitable for biomass/biofuel, construction material, heating and furniture


Description and cultivation tips:

  • Height of adult plant: 20 meters in 8 years
  • Leaves can get 40 cm wide and can be used to feed animals.
  • Temperature range: from – 27 to 48 degrees – in winter throws down leaves.
  • Can be grown in colder regions, and also in warmer regions.
  • Soil: Paulownia grows on any soil, drained soils, from poorly sour to strongly alkaline.
  • Level of pH : from 5.5 to 8.5 (6.5 is an optimal level of pH).
  • Narrow and medium type of crown, which will save more than 40% of the land, which will allow us to use the landing frames 4x4m and 4x3m.
  • The trunk diameter can reach 4–10 cm in the first year after a technical cut.
  • Fertilizer: highly nitric fertilizers
  • Water: It is necessary to water the plants the first two years regularly. The soil should always be moist.