Paulownia Elongata
Description and tips for cultivation

  • Height of adult plant : up to 20 meters in 8 years
  • Flowering : in a flow 6 weeks in spring. Color: light-lavender, middle yellow.
  • Temperature range: from – 17 to 48 degrees – throws down leaves in the winter time
  • Soil: good drainage; clay soil.
  • Level of Ph : from 5.5 to 8.5 (6.5 is an optimal level of ph).
  • Fertilere: high- Nitrogen fertileres
  • Water: during the first two years of life of tree follows regularly  and abundantly to pour him. When the rootage of paulownia will develop to the mature tree, necessity of tree in water.

Tips for planting and care:

  • Plant Paulownia in an open Sunny area. Partial shade is acceptable, but an open Sunny area is preferable.
  • For planting, dig a hole of 0.6 m x 0.6 m x 0.6 m, or more if the soil is poor.
  • Cover with a good 50:50 mix of potted soil and / or peat moss.
  • Make a recess in the resulting soil mixture and place the seedling in the center.
  • Fill the recess with water and wait for the water to go deep.
  • Between waterings, let the soil dry completely, water profusely and deeply with each watering.
  • In hot summer (40 degrees or more), water abundantly
  • During the first year after planting the tree, it should be fertilized with high-nitrogen fertilizers, which should be added to the water once a week.