Attica is a seedless grape variety of early ripening, bred by V. Mikhos in Athens IV (Greece). In the conditions of Novocherkassk, it ripens in the second decade of August. The duration of the production period from bud break to full ripeness of berries is 118-120 days. Bushes above average vigor. Clusters are very large, up to 30 cm long, 0.6 – 0.9 kg, dense, large berries, weighing 4-5 g, oval or oblong 25 mm x 19 mm, purple. The pulp is dense, crispy, pleasant neutral taste. The skin is slightly thick, but without an astringent aftertaste. Sugar content at maturity 16-18° Brix, acidity <5%. The ripening period is very early, it ripens on the first of July in Spain, in France – in early August. Productive (25 to 30 tons / ha). The grapes keep well, with little weight loss, no rot development, browning of the ridges appears in the second week. Transportability is high. Does not require treatment with gibberellin. Grafting on a vigorous rootstock is recommended. It has a high yield, crop rationing is required. It has good affinity with common rootstocks. Used for fresh consumption. The variety is resistant to gray rot, to other fungal diseases – at the level of VITIS VINIFERA varieties (shelter bushes are required for the winter).