Origin: Tajikistan

Variety: Table grape
Maturation period: July-August. Its vegetation period lasts 130-135 days, counting from the moment the buds blossom until the maturity of the first brushes.

Yield: Thanks to its large bunches and large berries, this variety has a high yield. From a vineyard the size of a hectare can be harvested 140 centimeters of grapes.

Start of fruiting: The first fruits come by the 3rd year after planting.

Characteristics of the fruit: Bright black large berries with dense crispy flesh. Seedless variety.

Soil characteristic: The plant feels great on loamy and sandy soils. With proper care, it can also be grown on stony, clayey and cartilaginous soils.

Resistance: Mercedes grapes have medium stability, but wasps do not cause much damage to the fruit. This variety is resistant to fungal diseases.

Care: Planting and maintenance are not difficult.

The first 3-4 years should be obligatory procedures:

– The soil is constantly loosened and weeds are destroyed;

– Every spring we perform cattle-breeding (cattle-breeding – removal of surface roots of the underground trunk by trimming), for this purpose we excavate the stamp to a depth of 20 cm, remove the thin (dewy) roots, and then fall asleep again;

– in order to prevent diseases, plants are sprayed with Bordeaux mixture (3%) before active growth;

– as soon as there is a period of vegetation, grapes should be watered intensively.

Formation: in order to prevent neglect, young shoots up to 3 cm long should be broken. To regulate the optimal ratio of fruit-bearing and barren shoots, they are plucked when they reach a length of 10-15 cm. This helps to prevent exhaustion and overloading of the plant. When the shoots grow to a length of 50-80 cm, in the first year they are tied to the stakes, and the next year they are turned on the trellis in the right direction.


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