De Nova Agro offers you seedlings of blueberries!

All seedlings of blueberries are obtained by clonal micropropagation and are free from diseases, viruses and identical to each other (i.e. clones).
Seedlings of blueberries obtained by in vitro have several advantages:
– Such plants are absolutely clean, without infections and pathogens. They are not affected by viruses, even if the meristeme tissues were taken from an infected plant because the virus does not affect the meristeme at the top of the shoots.
– Micropropagation makes it possible to obtain a huge number of homogeneous plants during the time when no other method (about 10 thousand seedlings per year from one uterus plant!) will give the same result.
– Yields of meristem seedlings are higher. For example, with an ordinary bush you can collect 200-300 g of berries, and with meristems – up to 1 kg.
– Meristem reproduction becomes the only possible on a large industrial scale, if we take plants for reproduction, which are sterile and do not give seedlings.
Orders for large volumes should be placed one year in advance. The price for blueberry seedlings is negotiable. For details, please, contact our office. The De Nova Agro team will be happy to answer your questions!



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