Cherniy Xusayn is a table variety of grapes of the middle ripening period. Found in Uzbekistan. The leaves are medium, rounded, three-, five-lobed, slightly dissected, from below with sparsely bristly pubescence, there are also bare leaves. The flower is bisexual. Clusters are medium, narrow-conical, slightly winged, loose. The berries are large, elongated-oval, black-blue, with a thick bluish wax coating. The skin is dense. The pulp is juicy. The period from the beginning of bud break to the full maturity of berries in the Tashkent region is 130-140 days at a sum of active temperatures of 2700°-2800°C. Shoot maturation is good. Bushes are medium. Productivity is 60-70 q/ha. The variety is affected by oidium.